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Often referred to as "Africa in miniature," Cameroon is one of the most diverse countries in Africa, hosting a myriad of ethnic and language groups, truly varied climatic and geographical conditions, and fascinating traditional culture and history. 

Cameroon Airlenes

Cameroon Airlines has been re-named CamairCo and it has started operating again this current month of April with the scheduled flight Yaundé-Douala-Paris, after six years ago it was declared bankrupt.Cameroon Airlines, now CamairCo, was banned from flying in the European aerial space in 2005,..

The Baka Pygmies


The Baka Pygmies, also known as Aka or Bayaka, are one of the most fascinating peoples in Africa. In Middle-Africa we always try to encounter our Baka friends and share one or two nights with them in one of their gathering and hunting camps in the middle of the jungle. Speding the night among them..

Cross River Gorilla


A Cameroonian environmentalist group is lobbying for the establishment of a new national park at Cross River on the Nigerian border to protect a little known sub-species of gorillas only living there. The Cross River Gorilla (Gorilla gorilla diehli) is the least known critically endangered..

Getting to Lobeke and Lodging


In Middle-Africa we’ve known the area for quite a while and since the very beginning we have been supporting all government and local initiatives so that Lobeke National Park could be visited by tourist. In 2011 there are two lodging facilities in Lobeke: Djembe Camp (east side, near the Sangha..

The Baka Pygmies; Lobeke´s protectors


The Baka pygmies have lied in this forest area since immemorial times. They continue to lead a traditional way of life, based in gathering and hunting. They respect Lobeke forest as their Goddess –Ejengi they call itand they are the true protectors of this jungle. Since the very first day we..

Lobeke´s Biodiversity


This protected area is predominantly a semi-evergreen forest, most of which has never been logged. It is a forest characterized by an enormous variety of plants, with more than 300 species of trees. Together with its floral richness Lobeke has 45 mammal species, excluding rodents, 305 bird species..

Lobeke National Park News


We are very happy to inform you that a new National Park in Southeast Cameroon is ready to receive nature-loving travelers.Though this jungle site has been protected since 2001, it has not been until this year that miradors to observe the fauna have been installed, and Djembe Base Camp has opened..

Dzanga Sangha


Imagine una reserva natural de 200 hectáreas o, lo que es lo mismo, un espacio equivalente a aproximadamente 200 campos de fútbol. Añada ahora un bosque tropical, húmedo y caluroso, prácticamente intacto. Gorilas. Elefantes. Pigmeos. Naturaleza en estado puro. Bienvenidos a Dzanga-Sangha...