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Cross River Gorilla


A Cameroonian environmentalist group is lobbying for the establishment of a new national park at Cross River on the Nigerian border to protect a little known sub-species of gorillas only living there. The Cross River Gorilla (Gorilla gorilla diehli) is the least known critically endangered sub-species of gorillas, living in the forest of both sides of the Cameroon-Nigeria boarder in numbers of 250 individuals.
Now, the Cameroonian conservation and wildlife protection group ERUDEF is hoping the little exploited habitat of the gorilla sub-species may be set aside as a national park.
While the environmentalists wait for state protection of the forests close to Cross River, they must rely on their own resources to protect the apes from poachers. ERUDEF obviously is doing a good work in this aspect, and has already convinced ex-poachers to serve as "eco-guards" to protect the gorillas. The Cameroonian environmentalists managed to explain the former poachers the unique value of the sub-species, having them realise they were privileged to be the only ones to observe these impressive animals in the world. With new pride in their environment, the new eco-guards now try to stop others from poaching in the Fossimondi forests.