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Lobeke´s Biodiversity


This protected area is predominantly a semi-evergreen forest, most of which has never been logged. It is a forest characterized by an enormous variety of plants, with more than 300 species of trees. Together with its floral richness Lobeke has 45 mammal species, excluding rodents, 305 bird species -3 of them new to science!-. 18 out of 30 species of reptiles found in the sub-region have been recorded in Lobeke, 16 amphibians, and about 215 butterfly species can be found there, 8 of them being endemic in Cameroon
One of Lobeke’s most outstanding characteristics is its amazing network of swampy forest clearings. These large clearings, known as ‘bais’ by the Baka pygmies, are rich in saltlicks and serve as a pool of attraction for wildlife. Six forest clearings are being monitored in Lobeke.
Observation towers (miradors) have been recently constructed near these bais. Miradors are wooden structures that can accommodate up to five people and serve as platform for observation of animals the visit the clearings.