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Getting to Lobeke and Lodging


In Middle-Africa we’ve known the area for quite a while and since the very beginning we have been supporting all government and local initiatives so that Lobeke National Park could be visited by tourist. In 2011 there are two lodging facilities in Lobeke: Djembe Camp (east side, near the Sangha River) and Kombo Camp (west side, near Mambele village). Both camps have twin rooms with internal toilets. Their capacity is of 16 people and bookings have to be made in advance. In Middle-Africa we propose getting to Lobeke National Park by road with our 4x4 vehicles. Private airplanes can also be hired in Douala or Yaoundé. We prefer driving there because you get the chance to visit Bantu villages, old German colonial towns, pygmy camps, and a great feel of adventure!