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The Ennedi; The Sahara’s Best Kept Secret


Back in 1998 Joan Riera, Middle Africa’s founder, explored the Chadian territory with an American anthropologist specialised in Animistic rituals from the Sara tribes of Southern Chad. The civil war had ended just a few years ago and one could still find allot of armed men patrolling the main motorways. In 1998 the German cooperation was tarring the main road uniting N’Djamena. The feeling of a primeval territory could be felt everywhere around and Joan, fell in love with this mighty nation of the African Sahel. Today, this feeling of virginity can still be felt by the few travellers that come to Chad.
Since 2007 we have been organising regular groups to mainly two regions of Chad; The Ennedi Desert and Lake Chad. The trips to the Sahara’s most spectacular desert last for19 days, and it is a real expedition, with a strong late 19th Century feel to it. Willy accompanied a group of 10 Polish tourists last November with great success. During the trip we met the local Teda people, one of the last nomadic peoples in Africa. The group felt real freedom in the vast dunes around Faya oasis, and was overwhelmed by the beauty of the Guelta d’Archei, the Ennedi’s most spectacular gorge, inhabited by the last dwarf crocodiles of the Sahara. By now, we know who is who in the Chadian arena and we move around without major obstacles.
The Chadian government is willing to attract more tourism to the country but we understand that it will take some time before it becomes a popular destination among desert lovers. In Middle-Africa we welcome you to propose Chad to your customers, it will not deceive them.