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Evengué Island


At Middle-Africa we are doing serious efforts to offer great tours to Gabon with competitive prices. We believe that responsible tourism is the only way to ensure the future of Africa's endangered animal and floral species

The island of Evengué is a sanctuary and reintroduction centre for western lowland gorillas orphaned by the bush trade. We organise your Loango experience by taking a boat along the Mpivié River, whose dark waters are typical of the many small rivers that drain the coastal lowland forests. The circuit includes St. Anne’s Catholic Mission (1889), designed by Gustav Eiffel.     A number of very rare bird species seldom seen anywhere else are often sighted along its banks including Pel's fishing owl, African finfoot, Hartlaub's duck and the white-crested tiger heron. On sunny days, slender-snouted crocodiles can also be seen basking on overhanging branches. 

But Evengue's main 'stars' are the orphaned western lowland gorillas. This unique gorilla sanctuary managed by Apenheul, a Netherlands zoo specialized in primates. A family group of 8 gorillas made up largely of orphaned individuals is housed on the island where visitors can get a good look at the gorillas while closely observing their behaviour. 

western lowland gorilla

The boat ride brings you to the charming settlement of Evengué Lodge, whose bungalows are either set in the forest or face the lagoon. At the centre of this quaint complex is a raised, wooden restaurant, lounge and waterside terrace. Middle-Africa is launching an 11-day tour that combines Loango National Park (the jewel in the crown of Gabon's national parks) with Evengue Island and a Bwiti traditional ritual in Ombué town

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