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Meet the team  

We are an enthusiastic team of anthropologists, naturalists and specialists in responsible tourism, offering tours in West and Central Africa since 2005. We all share a passion for this unexplored part of the African continent and believe that well-managed tourism is the key for protecting and maintaining the delicate natural ecosystems, cultural diversity and traditions while offering a better future for the inhabitants of these areas.   

Despite that organization, lodging, food, transport are fundamental elements or the development of the tour, we strongly believe that the person guiding the group is key for a successful travelling experience. Our common motto: “a good guide means a good trip”.  

We proudly present the members of this varied group forming the soul of Middle-Africa.  


Joan Riera with the Baka pygmies in Cameroon 2006 
Joan Riera: Anthropologist and Middle-Africa’s founder. Joan designs the tours and helps in the coordination of the trips.

Guillermo Casasnovas: Middle-Africa’s co-founder and expert in Central African tourism. Willy is Middle-Africa’s director and lives in Douala since 2002.

Claudine Tchapnga: Senior guide in Cameroon, C.A.R, Congo, and Gabon, Clo speaks Bamileke, French, Spanish, and English. She guides and coordinates the NGO projects and volunteer programs.


Moulaye Traoré: Born in Timbukctu, Moulaye is an expert driver-guide and coordinator of the Sahel tours.
He currently resides in dakar.


Abdoul Yaouba: Abdoul is an experienced guide in Chad and North Cameroon. He currently resides in Poli and takes care of the Bukaru Camp, our lodge in Northern Cameroon.

Alex Martin: Born in Barcelona, Alex is a birdwatching passionate. He is Middle-Africa’s expert in Wildlife and Photography tours. 

Euloge Kossouho: Specialist in Voodoo rituals. Euloge takes care of the Benin, Nigeria, Ghana, and Togo destinations from the office in Cotonou.

Peter Njoronge: Senior driver-guide of Kenyan origin now settled in South Sudan. Peter accompanies the clients in their visits to the tribal areas and national parks from our office in Juba.

Stanis Dabakan: Excellent guide and expert in African history. Stanis is responsible for the NGO projects in West Africa. He resides between Ouagadougou and Cotonu.

Martial Tchegna: Coordinator for Gabon and Central African Republic. Martial speaks English and French.
Pepe Pont
Specialist in South Sudan and accompanying guide in different of Middle-Africa's destinations. Pepe speaks French, Spanish, Englsh and German and his passion are tribal groups.

Gerry Manjuo Specialized in jungle expeditions. Gerry is our main guide for German-speaking groups. .

Oumar Farouk: Prince of Djougou, Northern Benin, Oumar is an experienced guide and speaks 7 languages. He accompanies travelers along the Gulf of Guinea and the Sahelian region.