Middle Africa

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Your travel agents in the heart of Africa

From the Gulf of Guinea to the Sahara Desert.

Middle-Africa is your travel agency for West and Central Africa when looking for something different, something authentic and more exciting than the average travel experience.

We have been offering tours to the West and Central part of Africa since 2005 under the name "Viajes Camerún", mainly focussed on the Spanish market.

Middle-Africa organises individual and small group tours to the most interesting parts of the different countries where we operate. We aim to combine nature and ethnographic aspects and bring you in close contact with hidden mountain, jungle or desert tribes and explore the unbeaten path.

In order to coordinate your trip in the best way our ground tour operator is registered in Douala, Cameroon and we have a local office in Cotonou, Benin too. Our sales office is located in Barcelona, Spain.

We do offer standard and tailor-made tours...

So, why Middle-Africa?

  • You are in expert hands for this part of the world.
  • You can choose from a wide range of trips for all budgets and different kind of travellers.
  • We offer value for money and a unique experience one won’t forget easily.
  • No surprise: the final price is quoted up front and you will be duly informed about eventual additional local expenses.
Our tours are orientated towards responsible tourism, adventure and as eco friendly as possible. We use mostly local services in order to make sure the communities receive the benefit from tourism. At the same time we help to protect the environment and work with the locals to maintain their ways of living, which are largely endangered by several external factors. We also collaborate with different NGO’s on projects for water distribution, small income generating projects for widow groups, sponsoring of orphans, school projects, etc.