• Why Equatorial Guinea?

    Middle-Africa operates in Equatorial Guinea since 2008. Many things have changed in this country since the petrol boom in the early 2000s. Despite radical change many areas in Bioko Island remain untouched. The eco-tourism potential and rare cultural elements such as the Spanish colonial heritage and old traditions of the Bubi and Fang communities make this rare destination a small treasure to discover. Equatorial Guinea's location in Central Africa lends itself to incredible biodiversity with endemic species such as the Bioko drill and the red eared guenon.

    • Equatorial Guinea


    • Bubi Tribe

      Bubi Tribe

    • Bioko Tribe

      Bioko Tribe

    • Festival


    • Festival



    • Bioko Drill

      Bioko Drill

    • DRILL


    • Bioko Drill

      Bioko Drill

    • Lauth turtle

      Lauth turtle

    • Guinea Ecuatorial

      Guinea Ecuatorial


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